A Love Like That

A bittersweet new play by Billy Roche (The Wexford Trilogy and The Cavalcaders) set in a provincial library on the cusp of its transfer to new premises.

A Love Like That tells the story of Ellen, a senior librarian coping with the advice and warnings of an ambitious younger colleague. Together they bear the upset suffered by the library staff and their loyal readers – in particular John-Joe, a down-at-heel homeless man and Aidan, a sensible widower – at the impending move.

In a time of disruption, Ellen finds escape by reuniting with her old flame Lance, a charming wanderer who has returned home from his travels.

Ellen - Lesley McGuire
Lance - Geoff Minogue
Aidan - Peter Gowen
John-Joe - Lalor Roddy
Debbie - Jane McGrath

This production was funded by the Arts Council.
Presented by The Civic Theatre in association with Dublin Theatre Festival 2019.

"Bittersweet, evocative drama'"

Irish Times

"Lalor Roddy’s homeless John-Joe delivers a paragon of soft spoken wisdom, with Peter Gowen’s bookish Aidan, a man with hidden depths, being superbly realised in Gowen's wonderfully nuanced performance."

The Arts Review