Got the Back-To-Work Blues? Try These 5 Theatre Treats

PicMonkey CollagexAre you annoyed and down by the fact that you must return to work this January? Well don’t you worry – Decadent has you covered. Below you will find a devious selection of theatre things that may very well cheer you up. So sit back, browse and, you know what, treat yourself!


Hangmen by Martin McDonagh, London


This is our most ambitious recommendation to date – a play in a different country. But if you’re a fan of dear auld McDonagh’s Kafka-esque, twisted, piercing comedic style then this investment is most certainly worth it. Hangmen adds further weight to McDonagh’s oeuvre, receiving many a thumbs up from critics and fans since opening in the Royal Court this Winter. Theatre, modern theatre that is, doesn’t get much better than this.

Tickets from £23.50, flights from €20 return from Dublin.


Abbey Theatre Cameo Membership, Dublin


For €10 – two pints, essentially – Cameo Members can get €10 preview and €10 standby tickets to Abbey Theatre shows. There’s one catch – you must be under 26. With more female playwrights promised to be included in future programming, it’d be a wish investment to make.

Membership costs €10


Talking Theatre – Richard Eyre


Talking Theatre is the must-have book this Christmas for lovers of the thespian art. A spin-off from a TV series, Eyre’s interview collection offers a remarkable panorama of the 20th-century theatre, with the array of playwrights quizzed (Ayckbourn, Bennett, Hampton, Hare, Miller, Pinter, Stoppard and Wilson among them) matched by equally starry line-ups of actors and directors.

€19.99 in Waterstones


Join Galway’s Community and Youth Theatre for 31213€20

Galway Youth Theatre and the Galway Arts Centre are seeking members for the new Galway Youth and Community Theatre Network, open to all ages interested in theatre, performance, or a desire to try something new. The initiative, costing €20 for one year membership, involves classes and training in theatre and acting and no previous experience is required. There will be mentoring from theatre professionals; a club to read and discuss a nominated play; the chance to be part of any GYT or community theatre productions; workshops with visiting theatre makers; and reduced price theatre tickets.

€20 for one year’s membership


Stage UK Web Subscription


Get yourself prepared for the year ahead with all the latest industry news, reviews and essential advice from The Stage UK with this 20% discount. A web only subscription means you can access all of this at any time and from any device. This discount also includes £30.00 worth of Digital Theatre vouchers so you’ll be able to see some of the best UK theatre around. The offer runs until the 4th of January and with the discount included the total is £26.

Costs £26

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