The Galway Arts Festival – 2017

The Galway International Arts Festival is celebrating it’s 40th year in 2017 and is all set to be the biggest and best yet.  It brings together music, visual arts, theatre and dance to turn the Western city into a cornucopia of treats for the senses.  Last year they managed to pack in over 200 events in 26 venues attracting over 200,000 beautiful people along the way.  Check out the promotional video for this years festival!


It’s been a while since we here at Decadent have been involved with the Galway International Arts Festival but we’re absolutely delighted to be back this year with Abbie Spallen’s Pumpgirl, the smash hit that has wowed audiences in Ireland, the UK and all the way across the pond in America.


Set in the borderlands / badlands of South Armagh, three people intertwine at full throttle through lives of raw emotion, chicken shit and petrol fumes.  It’s raw, fast and in your face and is some of the best new writing to come out of Ireland in the past decade.  We produced Pumpgirl in 2008 in Belfast and loved it so much that we just had to bring it back.   Even better for us we managed to retain the amazing services of Samantha Heaney in the title role.  We wowed once, we aim to wow again!


“Andrew Flynn’s direction slowly cranks up to create a dark, hypnotic tension from the cleverly constructed interlocking monologues, punctuated by tiny bombshells of truth, unobtrusively dropped into the thought processes like little nuclear explosions. Our hearts go out to Hayes’s Sinead, who speaks in carefully rehearsed, routinised sentences until the moment a man quotes a line of poetry to her and her life goes into freefall. But, as with Hammy’s fun night out with Sandra and the lads, there is a horrible inevitability about the outcome, leading all of them inexorably down a slippery slope where survival is the least preferable option. This is an important play from a courageous new writer, whose characters and sentiments will translate and resonate the world over.” – The Irish Times



Nuns Island Theatre

15th – 30th July – 8pm

Matinee 22nd & 29th – 2pm

Preview 15th July – No Show 16th & 23rd.

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