The Weir at The Lyric

The Weir’s current run at The Lyric must end September 30th

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“McPherson’s writing powerfully and poetically evokes social cohesion, loneliness and the irresistible pull of the supernatural. Director Andrew Flynn has a reputation for burrowing under the skin of a text and he unwinds McPherson’s play at an unhurried pace, allowing each well-worn yarn to trump the previous one… As the layers of McPherson’s piercing narrative are unpeeled, the plight of his compelling characters seeps persuasively and effectively into the individual performances.” The Stage

“Viewing Conor McPherson’s The Weir is like having a really, really good night down your local. Over the course of an hour and 45 minutes, we cosy up in Brendan’s pub, an isolated bar in a small Leitrim town while a vicious storm rages outside. Through superb acting and some gripping story telling the audience quickly becomes enthralled as the characters weave their tales of the unexplained and possibly supernatural, each trying to impress more than the last.” Pastiebap

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