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Decadent Enrichment Programme

Curated by Dani Gill

Place: Reflections on EDEN

Lisa McInerney & Donal Ryan

Writers Lisa McInerney and Donal Ryan, reflect on the nature of small Irish towns, gossip and truth, identity and community, in Eden by Eugene O’Brien. Video discussion curated and introduced by Dani Gill.

Decadent Enrichment Programme

Draoicht Arts Centre

EDEN podcast

Marriage in Ireland 2021

The Irish divorce rate is at an all time high. Why? After a performance of EDEN, 3 panelists discuss relationships and the Irish way of marriage. Kate Gunn, author of 'Untying the Knot, How to Consciously Uncouple in the Real World', Peter McNamara, journalist and editor of 'Holy Show' Arts & Culture magazine and Maeve Fitzgerald, actor from the show, use the play as a jumping off point.

20-Venue Autumn Tour 2021

6 October - 27 November


by Eugene O'Brien

Eden is the powerful story of an ordinary relationship on an extraordinary weekend. Billy and Breda are approaching their 10th wedding anniversary. Breda is determined that this will be the weekend that saves their marriage. But Billy is more concerned with Imelda, the beautiful young woman he has his eye on. From the writer of hit RTÉ drama Pure Mule, Eden is a story of stale love and fresh lust

Touring Spring 2022


by David Harrower

A jagged description of an encounter between a man in his mid-50s and a woman in her late 20. It becomes apparent that they had a relationship when she was 12.  A dark play where questions far outnumber answers.


Decadent Theatre Company specialises in large scale theatre tours. It’s in our DNA to tour and we are as likely to be found in a Midlands town as in The Gaiety, Dublin or The Lyric, Belfast. Through our National Tours we present Ireland’s modern dramatic voice to audiences of all types. In 2014 we were nominated for the Irish Times Theatre Award’s Judges’ Special Award for our “enduring commitment to touring”.  We take pride in our difference to other Theatre Companies and how it expresses itself on stage, on tour and in the rehearsal room.

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