A Love Like That

A bittersweet new play by Billy Roche (The Wexford Trilogy and The Cavalcaders) set in a provincial library on the cusp of its transfer to new premises. In a time of disruption, senior librarian Ellen finds escape by reuniting with her old flame Lance, a charming wanderer who has returned home from his travels. Ellen faces betrayal on all sides but her warrior self finds hope and light in the process of change.

The Thing About December

Rural Tipperary at the turn of the 21st century. Johnsey Cunliffe, a simple, naïve only-child in his twenties, grieves the death of his much-loved father. Harassed by local bullies and excluded by his peers, Johnsey’s isolation worsens when his inherited farm is re-zoned and becomes valuable. The clouds gather as locals try to tempt Johnsey into giving up his family’s land, while Johnsey, the unlikeliest of heroes, must try to hold onto those things dearest to him.


Eden is the powerful story of an ordinary relationship on an extraordinary weekend. From the writer of hit RTÉ drama Pure Mule, Eden is a story of stale love and fresh lust in the Irish midlands. Eden was the winner of Best New Play at both the Irish Times Theatre Awards and the Stewart Parker Awards in 2001.

Port Authority

Painting a vivid picture of life in contemporary Dublin, award-winning playwright Conor McPherson (Seafarer, The Weir and Shining City) weaves together a moving and funny tale of loves lost and found, the consequences of big dreams and the significance of even our smallest choices.

A Skull in Connemara

For one week each autumn, Mick Dowd is hired to disinter the bones in certain sections of his local cemetery, making way for new arrivals. As the time approaches for him to dig up those of his own late wife, strange rumours regarding his involvement in her sudden death seven years earlier begin to resurface….nosey neighbours, troublesome teenagers and an ambitious Garda contribute to this macabre, funny play.

The Mai

An epic tale, both wildly funny and humorously tragic, of three generations of a family inspired by love but shattered by inescapable reality. The Mai is a formidable forty-year-old woman and teacher, whose husband Robert, a musician, has always felt stifled by her ideals of perfection. The play opens in her home in the midlands, on the banks of the legendary Owl Lake, on the day of Robert’s return after an absence of four years.

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

Inspired by the abduction of Brian Keenan, taken hostage in Lebanon in the 1980s, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is playwright Frank McGuinness’ hymn to the defiant power of the human spirit and the creative imagination. A nationwide tour in Spring, 2018.


There's one in every town, and they call her the Pumpgirl. She works in the garage, changes the oil and thinks she's one of the lads. She's sweet on 'No-Helmet' Hammy, but he loves no-one but himself. He's out all night with his racing boys, whilst wife Sinead's off on a joyride of her own, with an ache that's about to be cured.

The Weir

On a stormy night in Brendan’s pub, isolated above a Leitrim town, the men are gathering for their daily pint. The arrival of a stranger in their midst – a beautiful woman - spurs them to impress her with stories. They are stories of souls past, spirits present and spectres unforeseen. One story, however, is more chilling, more sinister and more real than any of them could have foreseen.

The Pillowman

The Pillowman opens in a prison cell where a young writer is being questioned about the children’s tales he has written – grim tales which have inspired copycat killings in the streets outside. Two interrogators tease out the resemblance between real and fictional worlds while probing the personal responsibility of the writer.

Vernon God Little

Vernon’s a Texan highschool student, and it’s like any ol’ day of the week. Until, word comes in – his best friend has murdered 16 of his fellow classmates. The clowns and bullies, jocks and beauty queens, geeks and emos have reached a tragic, early, Texan grave. Vernon, however, has no alibi and a witch hunt begins…

Defender of the Faith

Defender of the Faith by Stuart Carolan, the writer and creator of RTE’s Love/Hate, is a thriller set on an Armagh farm in 1986, an era of intense political unrest. It tells the story of a republican family, defined by their unrelenting extremism, and their experiences under the surveillance of Special Branch – the ruthless British intelligence unit - and by the PIRA.

The Cavalcaders

The Cavalcaders explores the lives and loves of a community of characters in small-town Ireland. Set in an old-fashioned cobbler's shop, this is the story of a group of men who spend their days mending shoes and their nights as a barbershop quartet and singers of local legend.

The Dead School

The Dead School is a titanic clash between the forces of modernism and tradition in 1970s Ireland. Raphael Bell, an old style national school teacher, has devoted his life to upholding all that is traditional, pure and wholesome in the Ireland of Eucharistic Congresses. On the other side stands Malachy Dudgeon, a first-year teacher and one of the new breed about town, where rock music and American movies are king and rules are made to be broken.